Water clean canopy

This accessory can be fitted to our 10 m and 20 m Losberger tents with roof, triangle or side canopy. Due to the material chacteristics, it can be used from spring to late autumn.

Domfeld membrane

This accessory can be fitted to our Losberger tents with a span of 20 metres. Unique and eye-catching from a distance, it tops out at 2 metres higher than the average tent, covering 200 m2 of floor space as a single element.

Tent floor

Losberger type, parquet-like floor. Fitted with a deep profile for water, electricity, etc pipes.

Glass, plastic door

For a high quality appearance we recommend the above mentioned accessories. In addition to the attractive appearance, it has better sound and thermal insulation properties than canopy. The sides of the tent can be optionally fitted with plastic cassettes, glass and double doors. If you are interested in a specific design, we can help you with a visual design program.


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